The British government is creating cyberbullying against ISIS

Events in Paris have shown that the threat from the Islamic state is very real. Not everyone realizes that terrorist attacks need not be limited to explosive explosions and many will be carried out in cyberspace. The British government is increasingly concerned about this type of threat, so it builds a team to tackle such attacks.

Reuters reports that British intelligence has begun building a cyber-defense unit to combat hacker attacks by ISIS terrorists. Chancellor George Osborne told the media that the Islamic state was beginning to develop new cyber-space fighting skills, so they could soon start attacking state infrastructure, such as hospitals, power grids, air control, and so on, which would certainly cause greater chaos and destruction than bombed bombs.

The British do not want to wait until such a scenario becomes real and now they want to protect themselves from it, creating their own cyberbullying to protect the state. Osborne explained that their task would be not only defense but also attack. New forces controlled jointly by the Prime Minister and GCHQ will fight individual hackers, criminal groups, and any other threats using the full spectrum of actions.

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